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What is IT Outsourcing and its Benefits for Companies?

What is IT Outsourcing and its Benefits for Companies?
What is IT Outsourcing and its Benefits for Companies?

Outsourcing service is currently a business strategy that is in demand by many companies. By utilizing this service, companies can continue to survive in the midst of increasingly fierce business competition.

You need to know that previously, this outsourcing service was only limited to large multinational companies. But now, companies of all sizes can take advantage of this outsourcing service. 

In addition, along with technological developments, there is currently a service called IT outsourcing that can help companies meet the needs of professional IT personnel. 


What is IT Outsourcing?

First of all, let's understand the meaning of outsourcing. According to, outsourcing is a business practice in which a service or job function is delegated to a third party. It is important to know that this outsourcing practice is legal and safe.

Currently, there are many companies that use outsourcing services; even in the IT world, there are IT Outsourcing services that focus on providing external IT resources according to the needs of the company. In other words, IT outsourcing is the practice of using external IT resources to support the performance of a company.

IT outsourcing services typically involve numerous components, such as:

  • Application/software development
  • Web development/hosting
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Database development
  • Technical support

Advantages of Using IT Outsourcing Services

By using IT outsourcing services, the company can get many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1. No need to spend on training

Companies no longer need to spend on training for outsourced employees. This can be realized because the IT personnel provided by the vendor or outsourcing service provider are IT workers who are ready to work and in accordance with the company's project needs.

2. Save on recruitment costs and expenses

Companies do not need to bother with all the lengthy recruitment processes because it is the responsibility of the IT outsourcing service provider. Thus, the company can save costs on the recruitment process. 

3. Shared business risk

The IT personnel provided will be managed and become the responsibility of the outsourcing service provider. Therefore, the company can minimize the costs associated with employees.

4. More focus on business or project management and development

Utilizing IT outsourcing services can also eliminate recruitment and training burdens. Thus, the company can focus more on business development or project management more optimally.

Difficulties and Constraints Experienced by Companies When Hiring IT Personnel

After learning about IT outsourcing and the benefits it can provide companies, you may be wondering why so many companies want to take advantage of this service. One of the answers is that companies generally experience some difficulties or obstacles when looking for IT professionals, such as the following:

1. The company only needs IT personnel for the short term

Companies will usually need IT personnel to work on digital projects on a short or temporary basis. After the project is completed, the company does not require a large number of IT personnel. IT outsourcing service providers can offer solutions in the form of short-term work contracts starting from 3 months.

2. Long and time-consuming recruitment process

Companies often find it difficult to find IT personnel suitable for project needs. Especially if the company does not have an engineer or technical person who can evaluate or assess the candidate's technical skills. 

In addition, the selection or recruitment process generally takes quite a long time because companies need to carry out appropriate technical assessments such as coding tests/case studies and technical interviews. 

However, by using outsourced IT services, companies can save a lot of time finding the most competent IT personnel.

3. Technological trends are changing rapidly

Given that technology trends continue to develop and change rapidly, companies need to provide a lot of training costs for all their IT personnel. When the company uses its own (internal) IT personnel, it must ensure that all IT personnel have the necessary abilities. However, when the company uses external IT personnel from vendors, the company does not need to conduct training because the vendor will do it.

4. The administrative process takes a lot of time

When using internal IT personnel, there are many administrative processes that need to be done. Some of them such as payroll, insurance, and so on. This, of course, takes a lot of time, especially if the company has IT personnel on a large scale. As a solution, companies can use outsourced IT services so that the administrative process will be assisted by the vendor or service provider.


Seeing the increasing need for IT resources, many companies find it difficult to find suitable IT personnel. Therefore, IT outsourcing services are available as a solution for companies that need IT resources that match their needs.

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