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What is Press Release, its Types, and Example?

What is Press Release, its Types, and Example?
Press Release: Definition, Types, and Examples

Definition and Brief History of Press Release

Simply put, a press release is a technique for disseminating information to the public. Publications are made, particularly when the company hosts certain events. These publications inform the general public about current events and the company's operations.

The press release serves as an official announcement. Therefore, it needs supporting media, like newspapers, television, or other media. Typically, this type of communication is simply one to two pages long.

A good press release is written in easy-to-understand language and has comprehensive content. Thus the media containing the company's information will receive information that can be re-informed properly without context errors.

This method of disseminating company information has been around since 1960. At that time, there was a train accident in New Jersey, United States, which left 50 passengers dead. The train company released a written statement regarding the incident and the causes of the inevitable accident. The statement from the railroad company then appeared in the first column of a well-known New York Times newspaper. 

As technology advances, press releases are disseminated through a variety of platforms. Starting from print media, then electronic media, and now online digital media.

Types of Press Releases 

There are many  types of press releases to choose from when conveying company information. Among them are:

1. General News

One of the most common forms is general news. This type contains news about events that occurred. For example, when the company was acquired. However, the company often modifies this type of general news.

2. Launch Release

The second type is related to the launch of the company or the official website, the launching of a new product, or some other first-time thing. In terms of format, it is similar to general news; the difference is that there is an emphasis on something new that will come soon.

Launch releases are casual, which you can use to outline upcoming ideas. After the launch release, it will generally be followed by the delivery of a follow-up press release about what has been previously informed.

3. Events Press Release

When the company organizes an event, it can be disseminated through an event press release. This type contains detailed information about ongoing events and can be useful, especially for people interested in visiting the event.

This type can be made in the form of outlines, lists, or important points related to company events. The format is not too rigid and must comply with the 5W+1H rule so that it is not too boring.

4. Executive, Staff, & Employee Press Release

Other types are executive, staff, & employee press releases. It contains a biography of an employee accompanied by a photo. The goal is to announce the recruitment of new employees, especially employees with important positions in the company, such as the appointment of new directors or new commissioners. 

5. Product Press Release

This fifth type is similar to a launch press release but is quite different in terms of content. The contents generally present the specifications of the newly announced products. So even though they both introduce new things for the first time, the information presented in the product press release is more complete.

Through product press releases, the general public can find out the advantages and disadvantages of a product. The public can also have an idea as to whether the new product is good or not.

6. Expert Position Press Release

This sixth type is often used to describe someone based on their proficiency in a certain field. This press release can be used as a company reference if they need that person's services in the future.

7. Rebranding Press Release

This type of press release aims to explain changes in a company's corporate image. The company must be able to describe the changes in detail and the reasons behind the changes.

Companies must also provide information about things people can expect from their rebranding. At the same time, it helps reduce discomfort or worries about a new image of a brand or company. 

8. Partnership Press Release

Similar to rebranding press releases, this type contains information about major changes in the company. The difference is that changes are obtained because of partnerships or collaborations with other companies that make big changes.

The information presented will provide meaningful information that helps reduce concerns among stakeholders and consumers. Here, the company must be able to build excitement for positive developments brought on by the collaboration.

Example of a press release

The following is an example of a General News type with fictional information only for illustration purposes.

Since June 2021, there have been more than 500 new cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria every day. The new variant of Covid-19 is considered more dangerous, with a faster transmission rate than Nigeria's initial variant detected a year ago.

To suppress the surge in new cases, the public is advised to apply health protocols, maintain distance, and maintain cleanliness. People are also required to wear masks. Furthermore, the Ministry of Health urges the public to wear layered masks. 

But the use of layered masks has the disadvantage of making breathing difficult and causing acne on the face. Harby Jay is here to provide a solution to this problem by developing a Double Extra mask. Masks with the latest technology have been tested in the laboratory to be able to ward off 99% of free radicals. The mask remains comfortable to use and, at the same time, protects skin health.


Information has become one of the most important assets in this digital era. The manager of a company might also have to communicate company-related news to stakeholders, clients, consumers, distributors, investors, media, and the general public.

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