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Examples of Programming Languages ​​for Mobile App Development

Examples of Programming Languages ​​for Mobile App Development
Examples of Programming Languages ​​for Mobile App Development

If you're currently looking for programming languages ​​for mobile app development, this article can help you. More developers are currently learning various programming languages that can be used to create mobile applications.

Since the use of mobile devices has become increasingly popular, the demand for mobile app development has also increased. Many companies or businesses have finally decided to develop mobile applications to get more profits.

The first step to developing an application is choosing the right programming language. In mobile application development, the programming language you choose depends on the operating system that will be used.

In addition, you also need to know that mobile apps have several types, which are:

  • Native apps: applications that are built using a special programming language and are used for a specific platform (Android or iOS)
  • Hybrid apps: applications developed using a programming language that can run on various platforms.
  • Progressive web applications (PWA): applications that can run via a browser URL and can be operated like a mobile application.


Examples of programming languages ​​for iOS App Development

1. Objective-C

Objective-C is the first programming language from Apple to support application development on their platform. The Objective-C language was developed in 1984 and is the base language for iOS application development.

This programming language is object-oriented (OO) and uses the syntax of the C programming language and object-oriented Smalltalk. Objective-C is great for memory management. It also includes a compiler that can be used to convert Objective-C code into static code analysis to sort useful and "junk" information into two separate categories.

Until now, Objective-C has not had the innovation that allows developers to use it on all platforms. But as a language invented in the 1980s, Objective-C has many features you can use to develop good mobile apps specifically for iOS.

Also, this programming language has an extensive library because it has been the standard bearer on iOS for so long. Objective-C is also easy to learn and is still widely used by app developers to create applications on the iOS platform.

2. Swift

Swift was first introduced around 2014 as a programming language for Apple. Since this programming language came into existence, the use of Objective-C has declined.

This language offers a variety of modern features that app developers can rely on. Compared to Objective C, Swift is easier to use. If developers are proficient with Objective-C, they should have no problem using the Swift programming language for mobile app development.

Some of the advantages of the Swift programming language are:

  • Modern
  • Projects are easier to scale
  • Has interactive code but with a simple syntax
  • Open source

Examples of programming languages ​​for Android Applications


Java is a popular programming language for Android application development. One of the reasons why this language has become popular among developers is because of the support from Google. 

Java is an object-oriented programming language developed at Sun Microsystems which is now owned by Oracle. Most of the mobile apps available on the Play Store are created using this language. 

Java is the developer's choice because it has an open source library, offers good documentation, and has a large community. With a dynamic spectrum of Java features, you can develop Android apps, cross-platform apps, games, websites, and more.

2. Kotlin

Apart from Java, Kotlin is also a popular language for Android development. Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that was first introduced in 2016, and in 2017 it was announced to be the official language for Android development.

Kotlin is simpler than Java, so beginners can easily understand it. It also includes a variety of features and functionality that allow developers to develop modern applications.

3. C#

C# or C-Sharp is also an example of a programming language for Android application development. This language is open source and can be used to develop mobile applications, desktop applications, or websites. 

Most developers think C# is very similar to Java, so it is ideal for Android application development. C# has garbage collection functionality, so there is less chance of memory leaks. C# can also make writing code easier because of its clean and simple syntax that is easy for developers to understand. 

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